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Sabermetric Dive By: Hitters Pitching

December 19th, 2007 · 2 Comments

These are, as best as I’m able to calculate, the pitching totals for non-pitchers in MLB from 1946-2006.

   IP    H  HR   BB   SO   ERA   BFP  HBIP lgHBIP
313.2  370  44  206  139  6.51  1505  .298   .278

Now it’s possible I screwed up with database and don’t have the right numbers, but I looked it over and double checked it and it looks right. Anyone who wants to double check can do so.

So in general, position players were about .020 worse than league average on hits per balls in play.

While that .278 for a league average might seem low, remember that the average in this stat jumped up in 1993 and stayed up.

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